One of AMA’s primary goals is to spread the word of good health through exercise to a wide and varied audience. What better method to do this than to start good habits in our future generations.

AMA kids classes will address all aspects of children’s health and fitness; whether it’s catering for obese children or developing those who are very active, sports driven and looking for a new challenge! We have some elite coaches who are very highly qualified and are specialized in training children.

Different classes will cater for children from the age of 4-16 with the aim of providing a structured but fun learning environment. Your child’s health and fitness will be improved through general exercise, gymnastics based movements and games. Child nutrition will also be covered along with a number of children’s martial arts based classes. These classes will be educational on a number of levels with emphasis on correct movement patterns and physical development during the period in their lives when they are most receptive to learning stimuli. The classes will also help focus on discipline, team work and good moral standing; it’s a great and fun way for kids to put their energy into something positive as well as introducing them to a lifelong love of exercise and good health.