The men’s section of AMA Fitness consists of two of our arched units. The first unit is made up of the reception, nutrition bar, changing rooms, showers, and leg weights and cardiovascular room. The second unit is the main free weight section complete with a selection of advanced and varied equipment.

Our range and quality of equipment speaks for itself. We have bespoke, custom-built weight machines, an Olympic lifting platform and a number of custom-built power racks, none of which you will find in your standard commercial gym.

We strongly believe in the use of free weights to gain great results in training and therefore have equipped our gym with a wide range. We have a number of Olympic bars and bumper plates as well as fixed dumbbells ranging up to 50kg and Olympic dumbbell handles to accommodate those who fancy having a go at anything 50kg and upwards! We also have equipment to suit the more adventurous trainer including weighted chains, a grappler, competition kettlebells and gym rings. Make your gym your playground!

It is commonplace in gyms to see lost souls wondering around the free weight section, unsure of what exercise to do or which weight to pick up; at AMA men’s fitness we aim to offer guidance to every member. Everyday there will be a two “daily workouts” posted on whiteboards in the gym for you to follow if you’re lacking motivation or need some inspiration. Highly qualified staff members will also be on hand to give you a hand as well as the services of our elite personal trainers.