At AMA Fitness we pride ourselves on the quality of our personal training service. Modern day personal training is so much more than standing next to a client looking menacing and counting reps for motivation; at AMA our trainers have years of experience in actively coaching their clients to be more intelligent in the way they train, eat and live their lives.

Master trainers:

Martin Uttley Bsc (Hons)

Martin has been in the scientific field of exercise since 2002, where he started his professional fitness journey studying Sports Science at Brunel University. Straight from university he qualified at Premier Training with a Personal Training Diploma. With a sturdy foundation of exercise knowledge, Martin immediately started plying his trade, successfully working with numerous clients with widely varied goals in a number of household name health clubs.

Martin is a truly versatile trainer with a wealth of experience and a fitness course CV to match. He uniquely blends knowledge gained from strength and condition based courses like “Crossfit lv1”, with body building principles and correct movement biomechanics from the “Faster Functional Training Diploma”. The result is a training style that ensures that all bases are covered with regards to your health, leading to a faster and safer journey towards your fitness goals.

Martin is a very passionate and approachable trainer, so feel free to come and have a chat and pick up some tips if you see him on the gym floor or alternatively contact him at or call 07834182456 to book a complimentary taster session.

Ashvin Souda

Ashvin has been personal training for over 6 years and has worked with a wide range of clients. He is also a completive bodybuilder competing against some of the best physics in the country. Ashvin has a genuine passion for getting people into shape and is currently working with up and coming bodybuilders getting them ready for shows. He believes in the basic principles of you get what you put in meaning you can get what you want you just got to put in the work.

Ashvin is a very friendly and knowledgeable trainer so feel free to come and ask him for training advice if you see him on the gym floor or alternatively contact him at or call 07949085554 to book a complementary taster session.


Abdullah has always had a passion for sports since a young age and it was then that he found his desire and enthusiasm to become a physiotherapist. After injuring his knee at football his passion for understanding how the human body functions grew. It was at that pivotal moment that he decided to pursue a career in the medical field and in specific sports/physiotherapy.

Having successfully passed his A-levels in Human biology and Psychology, it was only natural in his eyes for Abdullah to study sports therapy for his BSc. Having completed his undergraduate studies, he further went on to successfully study physiotherapy at MSc level in 2010. Abdullah is in the middle of getting HPI clearance from the Health Professional Council to become a chartered physiotherapist.

His experience mainly consists of musculoskeletal pain management however other areas are still within his scope of field. Lower back pain and shoulder impingement disorders are his specialities and as well as sports massage.

Abdullah is a very friendly and enthusiastic individual always aiming for perfection. He can be contacted on or alternatively on 07788 888889 for advice and bookings.

Abdullah also holds a First Aid level 3 qualification.

Jay Pindoria

Jay has worked and studied in the health and fitness field for the past 6 years. Jay’s completion of a degree in sports science was immediately followed up with a Master Diploma in personal training, from which he has worked with a wide range of clients. After working with numerous clients, Jay decided the real passion for him was to specialise in the growing field of health rehabilitation and exercise for chronic and non acute conditions. This growing passion in rehabilitation, has led on to Jay working with clients who suffer from osteoarthritis and sciatica and through this has also improved their overall well-being. Jay has also had experience and success in working with clients who needed to strengthen their anterior cruciate ligament, iliotibial band and other related injuries.

Jay’s enthusiasm in helping disable clients has been another greatly rewarding acievement for him and his clients. He currently trains two clients with cerebral palsy and not only has he improved their overall health, but their overall confidence in contemporary society. Jay is currently studying his Masters in Health Rehabilitation and Exercise at Buckinghamshire New University and will work with NHS initiative in cardiac rehabilitation prescription programmes.